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* Globe & Mail on-line searches
* Essential facts about the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut 1999 to present
* Biographical information on MLAs
* Media reports or press releases since 1999 from Government of Nunavut and Legislative Assembly
* Nunavut or federal government reports (print and electronic)
* Documents tabled in the Assembly (available next business day)
* Nunavut 1st reading bills 1999 to present
* Newly assented bills
* Contact information for MLA constituency offices
* Contact information for government departments within Nunavut and throughout Canada

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Our resources focus on government, public administration, politics, parliamentary practice, and northern issues. We have specialized materials related to the constitutional development of Nunavut. Other topics such as health, education and science are collected if there is a direct relevance to Nunavut.

We actively collect resources in the official languages of Nunavut and our catalogue reflects the language of publication.

Our collection also includes:

* An electronic repository of Government of Nunavut documents
* Newspapers including back issues of Nunavut newspapers and electronic subscriptions
* Journals and magazines covering a wide variety of subjects, including northern issues
* Nunavut Implementation Commission reports (print and electronic)
* Office of the Interim Commissioner reports (print and electronic)
* Inuktitut dictionaries, glossaries, and traditional knowledge texts
* All Legislative Assembly of Nunavut public records, Committee reports and debates (Hansard) since April 1, 1999

Partnerships with other libraries in Nunavut and across Canada, ensure access to an incredible wealth of information.