Patterk Netser


Minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation

Minister responsible for Nunavut Arctic College

Legislative Office: 

Phone: (867) 975-5031
Fax: (867) 975-5124
Email: pnetser [at] assembly [dot] nu [dot] ca

Constituency Office: 

General Delivery
Coral Harbour, NU
X0C 0C0
Phone: (867) 925-9890
Fax: (867) 925-9891
Email: patterknetser [at] aivilikmla [dot] ca

Patterk Netser was elected in the general election held on October 30, 2017, to represent the constituency of Aivilik in the 5th Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Netser serves as the Chairperson of the Legislative Assembly’s Full Caucus. Mr. Netser previously served in the 1st and 2nd Legislative Assemblies. During his previous tenure as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Netser served as Deputy Speaker, Minister of Environment, Minister of Economic Development and Transportation and Minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation.

During his career, Mr. Netser has served as the Chairperson of Coral Harbour’s District Education Authority and, recently, as the Director of Regional Affairs for Nunavut for the federal Department of Environment.

Along with spending time with his family, fishing and hunting, Mr. Netser’s hobbies include fervently supporting the Montreal Canadiens. A former minor hockey coach in Coral Harbour, Mr. Netser spends his free time cheering on his favourite team in the hopes that it will, someday soon, bring home the Stanley Cup.

Mr. Netser and Mona are the proud parents of Sylvia, Albert, Mike, Tooma, Malaiya and Olivia.